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Understanding the basics of Search Engine Optimization will help customers find your business online through the major search engines. A little education can go a long way in insuring your outdoor business continues to thrive.

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Outdoor SEO – How Search Engines Work


I should have started our SEO series with this post. I wanted to go back and take a look at some of the basics of search engines. It’s important to understand the basics of how search engines work and what they are looking for if we want to learn how to improve our rankings. How […]

Finishing up our Outdoor SEO Keyword Research


In our first Outdoor SEO Keyword Research post we identified over 500 keywords for our fictional fly shop Fly Me A River to use in their SEO campaign for Scott Rods. We were fortunate enough to find a real opportunity in our initial outdoor SEO keyword research  by identifying Scott Rods as a keyword phrase […]

Outdoor SEO- Cautionary Tale About Buying Links

outdoor seo bad links

SEO land has been whipped into fury this past week regarding the docking of PageRank for a floral company in the UK by Google for allegedly buying links. Interflora which once ranked in the top for flowers, and other flower related terms is now nowhere to be found on Google. Reportedly they are being docked […]

Outdoor SEO- Keyword Research


Keyword research is one of the most important components of a successful SEO campaign. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked or underutilized and your site can miss out on easy terms to rank for. Effective keyword research helps you discover meaningful phrases to target with your SEO and learn more about your customers and their search habits. […]

Outdoor SEO Rankings


Last week we looked at what Search Engine Optimization is and reviewed important terms you should know when mastering SEO for your outdoor business. This week we are going to explore some of the criteria Google uses to establish your outdoor seo ranking. We all want to be on the first page of a Google […]

Introduction to outdoor business SEO


Over the next few months we are going to be exploring the topic of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Our series of posts is meant to help educate you on the importance of the subject and give you a working knowledge of how to improve the SEO on your site. We will explain some of the […]

Content Marketing for your Outdoor Business and SEO.

Google and Content Marketing

If you’re paying attention to the marketing world, especially when it relates to SEO you’ve probably heard the term Content Marketing by now. It’s become a bit of a buzzword lately and I can guarantee you’ll hear more of it in 2013. I know “who wants to jump on another marketing fad” right? Well you […]