Oarsmen Expeditions

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Our Role

Steve Hoovler runs a pretty amazing guide shop out of Montana. He has assembled a collection of amazing guides and takes clients out all across the world on some pretty amazing expeditions. He was our kind of client.

We developed the company branding which is based on a treasure map. A lot of the expeditions that Steve takes his clients on are just as much about the experience of getting there as they are about the fishing.

Steve has an amazing eye for quality. He had some amazing photography for his site, which makes our job much easier. We wanted to deliver a website that was worthy of all his amazing photos and insure our design was more about the content than the design of the site. With the development of powerful custom features we direct visitors to product which increases bookings. Overall the site was a true joy to work on.

Design Solutions

  • Company Branding & Identity
  • Custom Web Application
  • Creative Consulting